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NEW YORK FREEDOM RIDER NEWS- 4/9/21 - motorcycle related updates

NEW YORK FREEDOM RIDER NEWS- 4/9/21 - motorcycle related updates

ARIZONA- update

HB2115: motorcycle safety fund; continuation

04/08/2021: Senate- third reading- passed. Vote: 27-1. Transmitted to House
04/05/2021: Senate- Committee of the Whole- do pass.

Bill text:
================================================== =====

ILLINOIS- update

HB2617: Training- motorcycle profiling

4/8/2021: Placed on Calendar second Reading - Short Debate

Bill text:
================================================== =====


HB125: Create a new section of KRS 186.400 to 186.640 to require the Transportation Cabinet to establish a restriction category on the motorcycle operator's license to restrict license holders to operation of 3-wheeled motorcycles only; amend KRS 186.480 to clarify the procedures for motorcycle skills testing by mandating that applicants who take the skills test on a 3-wheeled motorcycle shall be issued motorcycle operator's licenses with the 3-wheeled restriction; amend KRS 15A.352 to allow out-of-state residents to take training courses; clarify that applicants who are exempted from testing by virtue of passing an education course have the same wheel restrictions if they took the training on a 3-wheeled motorcycle; amend KRS 15A.354 to require the instructors be reviewed every two years, instead of annually; amend KRS 15A.350 to conform.

04/05/21: signed by Governor (Acts Ch. 188)

Bill text:
SB131: Repeal, reenact, and amend KRS 15A.350 to KRS 15A.366 as new sections of KRS Chapter 176 to transfer the Motorcycle Safety Education Commission and the motorcycle safety education program and fund from the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet to the Transportation Cabinet; attach the commission to the Office of Highway Safety in the Department of Highways for administrative purposes; amend KRS 186.450, 186.531, 186.535, and 176.010 to conform; confirm executive order 2020-992, transferring the commission and its duties from the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet to the Transportation Cabinet; APPROPRIATION.

04/06/21: signed by Governor (Acts Ch. 190)

Bill text:
================================================== ====

MARYLAND- update

HB118/SB293: Vehicle Laws - Injury or Death of Vulnerable Individual – Penalties

4/08/2021: House Concurs Senate Amendments. Third Reading Passed. Vote: 138-0. Passed Enrolled
4/06/2021: Senate- Third Reading- Passed. Vote: 47-0
4/05/2021: Returned Passed

Bill text:
================================================== ==

MISSOURI- update

SB165: Prohibits motorcycle or motortricycle passengers under the age of eight

4/13/2021: Hearing Scheduled S Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee. 8:30 am, Room SCR1

Bill text:
================================================== ====


HB461: relative to motorcycle auxiliary lamping, and adding the New Hampshire Motorcyclists' Rights Organization to the traffic safety commission.

4/7/2021: Senate- Introduced 04/01/2021 and Referred to Transportation;
4/7/2021: House- Ought to Pass: Motion adopted. Voice Vote. Reconsider (Rep. Osborne): Motion failed. Voice Vote

Bill text:
================================================== =====

TEXAS- updates

HCR73: Requesting the lieutenant governor and speaker of the house to create a joint interim committee to study motorcycle operator profiling by law enforcement officers.

04/13/2021: House- public hearing. 9 am, JHR 140

Bill text:
HB1838: Relating to intelligence databases for combinations and criminal street gangs.

04/08/2021: Considered in public hearing. Committee substitute considered in committee. Left pending in committee

Bill text:

************************************************** ***********
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